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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dear Musical Jungle

This is the section where I write reviews for the many (many and many) items that we have bought and put to use towards the upbringing of our twins. I thought this would be helpful to the readers who are planning to buy baby/toddler stuff and also something to get back to when we shop for, I dare say it, our third baby (??). Plucky of me to even mention it, I know but, absolutely no plans yet.

 So here it goes...
I start with you Musical  Jungle because you were and still remain to be one of  Ryad and Nael's favorite toys 

We bought you when our kids were still cruising. Since then you have not only become an integral part of our kid's playtime but  in fact, also our living room decor. The kids have started running now but still love to drop a ball or two through your 'vines'. They could sit beside the elephant and keep slipping the ball through his ears to see it come out of the trunk for hours (well, not literally hours but, hours when it comes to baby retention power). 

But that's not all you sing songs, you have a mirror, a cute hippo, a bouncy frog, a clapping butterfly, a swinging alligator

Thank you Musical Jungle, you have been our money's worth.


  1. Just can't stop adoring your kids. They are just so lovely. I'm sure you are enjoying each moment. Mashallah

  2. Thanks Farheen, so sweet of you to say that!



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