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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This Day Last Year

Nael and Ryad have turned 15 months old. I will not say that time has flown and that I didn't realize when they got this far, no. My mind can place every milestone (that I so looked forward to) in an accurate time line. All the diaper changes, the hours of breastfeeding, the piles of bottles, the sleepless nights and drowsy days that followed. No dreamy nostalgia here.
What I will truly miss and remember are all the smiles, all the countless and cute babbling that have now morphed into legible words. All the fun traveling to new places and visiting family. All the tickles, all the discovering, all the learning. The first smile, the first steps, the first tooth I will fondly remember all of these moments. All our joys were doubled, every happiness was twice as nice since they came in our lives.
This very day last year they were 3 months old.


Nael and Ryad @ 3 months old


Two very serious 3 month olds


Not so serious at 15 months, are we?


Playing on the billiards table


  1. Really they are awsome!!!

  2. What an awesome blog! And what wonderful pictures! Your sons would just love you for this! Such sweet memories stashed away safely as children grow pretty fast even before we realise!

  3. I second with Bala..

    Such a wonderful blog.. keep writing and adding more and more ..
    I am sure, this going to be such a lovely gift to your kids once they grow up and understand.. what a blog is ..

    And, thank you for sharing it..

    Looking forward for more and more interesting read from your blog..

  4. Thanks every one!
    @Balambal - that is exactly what motivated me to do this!
    @ Ratna - thank you so much keep visiting!



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