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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Haircut Day

We had been contemplating this day for some time now. We had planned on how we would go about doing it, decided on a salon to get it done (my husband had talked to his hairstylist who was more than happy to help us out), prepared for the tantrums they were going to throw, came up with innovative ideas to pacify them through the process. Yup, we thought out every detail, everything except the part where we cut their hair on our own, in our own bathroom.

You read it right folks, we gave the boys a much-wanted haircut yesterday. 
Well actually, Daddy gave them the haircut and Granny and I helped out.
OK alright, Granny helped out and I took pictures :)

It all started last evening, we were sitting in our living room having tea. Daddy took the last bite of his cookie, turned to me and said, "how about we cut their hair?". I munched on that. It had been snowing through out the weekend and news had it that we would get more the following week. Shops and businesses were either closed or open for limited hours. It would be a hassle to change their nap and meal times and take them out to an unfamiliar place to get their haircut. 
I looked back at him and said, "Ok, I'll get the scissors". And that was it, that's how it happened. Don't you just love these impromptu adventures? We cut hair, bathed the boys, got them into night suits and cleaned up the mess all under 60 minutes. And yes, may I also add we also had loads of fun.


Ryad could sense something was about to happen


I have never seen that look on his face, love it!


Of course he wouldn't let it be a piece of cake


We were almost done when Ryad started loosing his patience. Immediately resorted to the IPhone  for help and played his favorite song


Nael's turn! He was such a trooper


 Didn't even change his position once! Can you believe that?


Nael was such a cooperative baby, Reason: he watched Ryad getting a haircut and wanted one too, I have such competitive boys on my hands

Notice how he is in the same position in all the pictures


Ryad in the shower, notice all the hair on his neck


Nael- ha, love that face

Last, but so not the least, I couldn't let you go without the 'Before and After' picture now could I?. Here it is.





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