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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy Fourth Engagement Anniversary

How do you know that your significant other still loves you after 3.9 years and 2 kids?? Simple answer is that he goes out and randomly buys you the Nikon D5000 (which you btw have been drolling over since months).

I'm still playing around with the different features that include 12.3 mega-pixel and a versatile vari-angle LCD display (which FYI is great for movie making). It also has many other hi-techi stuff which I still have to figure out (mostly because I'm an alien to DSLR)

It has been 4 hours since it has landed in my hands and the user's manual has already become a text book for me. A big thanks to my hubby Haris who totally took me by surprise with his generosity. And the closest occasion that I can think of is our fourth year engagement anniversary, which is still a week away:)

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