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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowed in = Family Movie Night

Somebody had to pinch me. We were heading in for another snow storm yesterday. That meant the kids were locked up indoors (again). We still managed to have fun thanks to Daddy who came up with a cool idea. He set up a projector in our room and all of us snuggled in to watch a movie. The kids had a blast too. Before the movie, Daddy played their favorite songs and wasn't that fun. They couldn't believe what they were seeing! Life size rhinos, elephants, monkeys and fish.

Another snow day well spent thanks to Daddy (and also our extra high ceilings, it wouldn't have been the same without them.)

Nael: 'It's playing on the computer, that I understand.'

                                 'But, what's the big TV doing on the wall?' 

Nael dancing to, 'Elephants, I like elephants.' 

Ryad: 'A Mr Rhino who is as big as I am!!'

Ryad: 'This is like the movies, only better!'

Now it's on the floor!?!

 'And now it's on the ceiling?'

'Come down from there!' 

Nael's checking if the bear is still up there or not.

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