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Saturday, February 6, 2010

More From The Memory Book

Yes, also the Christmas Day. We had a bright and sunny Christmas the year the boys were born (we usually always have a bright and sunny Christmas). They were 1 month and 2 days old. My original due date (40 weeks) was still a week away. Here are the pictures from that day.

Ryad (in blue) and Nael (in brown)

I told you it was sunny. Look at the sun pouring down that window

Ryad, wouldn't survive without his paci till he was 6 months old

Happy (Ryad) Feet

You should look at Ryad's feet now!

Nael couldn't care less about my camera, Ryad also drifting off now


That's what I call Baby back

Nael, finally stirring, is he waking up?

I guess not

Definitely  not


  1. Your boys are far too adorable! Heavens I want to chomp those little chub legs!
    Thanks for saying hi on Sarahexplainsitall!
    Happy to have a new friend!

  2. My pleasure Sarah! It is always nice to stop by a good blog like yours:)



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