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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cut to the Present: Are the IPhone Cases for Dorks?

No seriously, is it hipper to carry your IPhone bare? And will you be an urban ignoramus if you choose to cover it? I know there are bazillions goofy covers out there. Is there way you can use one of the better ones and still be cool?
Here are a few that I think a chic Mommy can use.

And here is one that I think every hip Daddy should have.

I don't know what few of the Mommys will think of the next one. Carry it if you dare (or if you have a sense of humor).

I know I can really use one (in fact I am using one). Not that I think I need to accessorize Apple's sleek telephonic magnum opus in any way but I need some serious toddler protection for my IPhone. For them its more like a tiny TV where they can play their games and watch their favorite songs.
There are many fun apps you can download for your kids. It keeps mine busy while I can go about doing my grown-up things. It also very resilient against their curious fingers. Mine hasn't even got a scratch yet (of course the cover has taken most of the beating) Thank you Apple for thinking about our kids. Just to prove my point see what mine has to go through on a daily basis.

Toddler fingers creeping up behind my IPhone

mine is toddler finger proof! Yay!!

Nael's palying Touch Hockey. Not really one of the toddler games but he loves it. If you check it out you will see why any toddler would love it.

Touch Hockey champion. If they come out with a toddler version of this game I think it would be really popular.

Ok this one time I thought I had really lost my IPhone, till I found it here.

'Nom, nom, I'm gonna have IPhone for dinner',  Ryad.

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