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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ryad's Double Diapers

 Ryad was discharged from Children's Hospital three days after he got in. We were just happy we didn't have to travel 30 miles just to see him anymore. All we had to do now was take care of his super pubic catheter. To do that we kept him in one diaper of his regular size for his poop and covered that with a layer of a larger size diaper to wrap his catheter tube. I don't remember very often changing his diaper (or diapers) on my own, I always needed a hand to hold the tube so that his pee-pee wouldn't spill all over the place. It was connected to his bladder so it was continuously dripping. This had to go on for a month. Till the doctors made sure he was able to do his business through the usual tract. 
Here are pictures of him during the first few days at home.

Ryad, ready to see the Pediatrician

 Both Ryad and Nael received daily massages (which is supposed to be awesome for good bone and body growth). And no, I'm not squeezing is hands so hard that he is crying.

Ryad and the famous double diapers.

Ryad's tiny hands. 

We always tried keeping them close together. That is what they were used to in the womb. Didn't get a lot of chance to do it in the NICU

One of the many 15 minute power naps they used to take.

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