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Friday, February 12, 2010

The Very First Haircut Day

Previously I had posted pictures of Ryad and Nael's homemade haircut :). Here's the thing, it wasn't their first. Their first haircut was when they were only 2 months old, executed by their Great Uncle, who also happens to be a Pediatric Surgeon (yeah, we got in the expert to do this one)

Both of them peacefully sucked on their pacifiers through out the process. Trust me when I say this, they didn't cry even once!

There are many benefits of shaving a baby's head early. When I say shaving, don't picture a razor running across a soft newborn head. A handy gadget like the Clip and Trim will do the job. It is soothing for the baby to have a clean head and also reduces the occurrence of cradle crap.
I had researched before I delved into this controversial terrain and found that there were more pros than cons that supported shaving a baby's hair as early as possible. One more benefit is that if your baby is born with thick locks (like mine were), they will desperately need a haircut around 8-9 months. That is a stage when they are starting crawl or are already very mobile. It is  very difficult to pin them down to one place and can also prove dangerous if you are working with scissors. So if you get the baby bald early, they will be ready for their next real haircut only when they old enough to handle one. This makes life a little more easy. Plus, they looked super cute with their clean heads, I guess bald is beautiful when it comes to babies.

Nael, just out of bed and ready for his haircut.


There it goes, no looking back now.


Nael found the vibrations from the machine so soothing that he fell asleep again


Ryad's Turn!


Almost done! Thanks to multi-talented Great Uncle.


Do you see a smile too? I think he liked it! 

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