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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Color Purple


My creative blogger friend, Artistically Amy came up with this idea. Every Sunday, she picks a color and dedicates a photograph to that color. This Sunday the color chosen was PURPLE!
 Needless to say, Sunday is long gone and we have surely crossed paths with Tuesday. But, I thought I'd post the picture anyway because a promise is a promise, even if I didn't get a chance to post it on Sunday (or Monday for that matter).

At first I  thought to my Self, "Dang Self! Where am I going to find PURPLE! in my life??". And then I just opened up my color receptors (and more importantly my window!) and found PURPLE splashed all over my world, I just hadn't noticed it.

This flower was completely PURPLE!, but the center of it had this bright, radiant hue of PURPLE that I had rarely come across before. So, I thought I'd pick this picture for CSS!

And here's another one, just for good measure! My son Nael about to slide down the PURPLE! chute.


  1. I am so glad you were able to find purple in your life. :) And I love both of your photos! The angle on the second one is so dramatic and fun.

    Thanks so linking up! I hope you can continue to join me in Color Splash! Don't worry about posting it late. Better late than never, right?! ;)

  2. Nice! I like how gradually the color changes in the second picture.

    And the first one is absolutely amazing!!

  3. love both your pics. U wont believe, i was thinking of doing somthing on those lines but couldnt figure out how. What software are u using?
    Love it!

  4. I love the flower, So cool WOW. I found Green realy hard, there is sooooo much green, so where can you just find a bit of green and more of somthing els.

    The slide pic is taken at such a cool angel.

  5. @ Amy - Hey it was my pleasure to link up. CSS is such a great idea!

    @BalaM - Thanks and thanks for your visit again :)

    @ Neelam B - I usually always use Picasa3 editor. I'm just so used to it and it's easy. The finer touches are the magic of my camera settings!

    @ Marlis - Ha, that's right! I missed out the green , but when I come to think of it must have been challenging.



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