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Friday, April 16, 2010

Come on in!

OK, so it took me like forever to do this but I've finally gotten to it and am so excited to have you over at my house:)

Of course I had no time to clean or spruce up but you guys are friends right? You won't mind the mess in the kid's room or the dishes in the sink now would ya? Sorry I wasn't brave enough to do a vlog like many of my other blogger friends but, I promise you the pictures here are authentic and no more than 10 minutes old. I took all of them this morning.

These up here are snippets from my kitchen. There are the conical lights hanging above the island. The cookie cabinet on which our mornings heavily rely on. The mat that says "beautiful kitchen" in Spanish, that was a gift from a close Aunt and lots and lots of organic milk cartons. Hey, my babies love their "boo" :)

That up there is the cooking area, and rug that m'feet scramble on while preparing meals for the day. This place is often invaded by toddler hands and feet but we've got that situation in control now.
What's with me and mosaic glass candle stands? I have such a fetish for them. I used to have many more than I do now but had to stack them away after our boys set their eyes on them.
These snippets are from our bedroom and family room.

Another one of those glass mosaic candle holders *rolls her eye*. So this is the master bathroom. The linen closet is full of linen. This is where Winnie the Pooh hangs up on the wall and dutifully holds the kid's bath toys. We have another full bathroom for them but they mostly use ours because of the accommodating bathtub:)


Here are some tit bits from the kid's room. Needless to say, it is filled with all their toys and gets messy approximately 10 minutes after I clean it. That's what I get for having hyper active toddler boys who just love playing with their toys:)


Now moving up to the loft. This is my husband's home office and after I lost hold of both my laptops (sheesh!) many blog posts have been executed on the desktop by yours truly.

It's too bad you missed the kids, they were asleep in their room all this time. Here I'll give you sneak but You have to be very q-u-i-e-t. That's Ryad and Nael curled up in their favorite blankies.

I hope you had as much fun visiting as I had showing my home to you. If you have a home tour on your blog leave a link and we'll be glad to ring your door bell:)


  1. I have a thing for mosaic candle holders, too!

  2. Wow, I love the architecture and open-ness of your living room area! Looks like you have an amazing view too. Oh, and I third the mosaic candle holders... I have some just like yours in my bathroom!

  3. OK, how did everyone do the super cute collage thingy?! Very cute stuff. Thanks for your comment on my blog as well!

  4. Oh what a cute home you have. I love that light blue chair & your photos are just adorable.

  5. Hello! I just had to stop by your site, because they name of your site was the name I originally wanted when I set up my blog=) The name was taken, so I had to come up with something else...wanted to see who had it!

  6. Neat! loved the gray chair.. Keep up the good work & plz do visit my home.

  7. Thanks everyone! I really enjoyed peeping into all of your homes.

    @ Tasha - I use Picasa 3 editor for my collages. It's really easy and makes pics look super cool.

  8. @ Molly - no kidding! I like your name too, sounds very apt for that age:)



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