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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wait, There Are Two More.

OK, this one was a complete surprise and I'm thrilled, absolutely thrilled to have got it! Artistically Amy thought my Color Splash Sunday entry was worthy enough of this here logo, which I now get to proudly carry on my blog:)

I'm seriously very excited about this. As a prize I get to choose next week's theme. I've always loved Color Splash Sundays because I think color splashing photos is just so much fun! I have a couple in mind but if any of you have any suggestions, do share!

Oh, and did I mention that astrologically speaking, my stars are all aligned in the way of the planet Saturn which corresponds to axis of the moon, which basically means that I'm supposed to get loads of  good luck in the last week? Yes, it is.
That is why I am being blessed by my blogger friend Neel who passed me this award! Wow that makes it 4 in one week. Now why didn't I invest in a lottery ticket? I guess I've lost my chance now:(
The rules are simple:
Tell you 10 things about myself and pass it on to 10 deserving bloggers.
So here goes about myself-
 - Getting a haircut is my way of getting out of the rut.
- I hate to be out on hot and sunny days. I'm the one who loves rainy days:)

- I love going for walks with my twins. I make it a point to go out every afternoon to get some fresh air for myself and fun time for kid.
- I love cheese and love trying out new varieties, this to the disdain of my hubs who is allergic to cheese. 
- I hate ironing.
- I'm a believer of natural healing.
- My dream is to do organic farming for my family and have all herbs, fruits and veggies picked from my backyard for meals - bizarre right?!
- I take delight in movie time with my hubs, we make it a  point to watch a movie every night after the kids go to bed. That time is just our time together :)
- I'm not a clean freak but I love coming home to a clean house, so I always make a point to clean the house before I leave to go out, even if it is a short trip to the grocery store.
The smell of a real red rose makes me giddy with joy.
- That astrological thing was  all crap, did you fall for it??

Now, let's pass it on to 10 great bloggers shall we. I fought temptation and thought of 10 new people to pass this award to (in no particular order)

Jamerican Spice - Love her for charm. She has got lovely kids and a mighty interesting blog. She recently came back from a road trip from Louisiana to Alaska and back! I'm dying to read about that.
Stephanie - Beautiful kids + interest in photography + wit = great blog. Check her out folks!
Heidi - She is opinionated and witty. I'm sure to read her every post especially McFatty Mondays
Jane - A bloggy friend from the Netherlands. Her photography is divine and her daughter is as pretty as a picture.
Raymonde - A French bloggy friend who lives in England (did I get that right Raymonde?) She has got a lovely family and a great blog. I love seeing snippets of London in her posts.
Molly - An outspoken mom of three cute boys. Love her for her wit and her wonderful spirit about things. I love it how she always has her cool cap on (I guess this would imply literally too;))
Wanda -  Her's is a blog that I have recently found and am glad I did. She lives in Canada and has two beautiful daughter who complete her (growing) family. I love her photography and am looking forward to reading more on her blog.
 Lisa- Her story is truly inspirational. Read it and you will not be able to hold back your tears. Seeing her where she is now, after what she has been through is amazing, truly is. Did I mention I love her photography like crazy?!
Christina - A twin mom of adorable little girls. She is honest and keeps things real on her blog. Love hopping by and reading what's up in her life as a mother of two!
Kytsmom - Another blog that I recently found. She has the cutest blog layout and the most interesting things that fill it.


  1. Thank you so much for the award. So sweet of you :).

  2. Awh....aren't you a sweetie. Thanks for thinking of me and for the great award!!!


  3. Awe! Thanks. and yes, I did believe you on the sign thing and thought, different...whatever gets her through the day. (wink)

  4. You definitely deserve both the Honest Scrap award AND the prize from CSS. Your blog is one of the realest ones I read. And your photography is so unique!

    Just a quick note about the theme: I have a few themes set up for the next 3 weeks. Whatever theme you pick (I am really excited to hear about your ideas!), will be used for June 27th. Email me, okay? (My email addy is on my profile.)

  5. Congratulations! You deserve it! I hope you have a great weekend!

    Mama Hen

  6. Thank you very much, will have to do a post about award I have receive recently.

    Have a fab Sunday. xxx

  7. Your color splashes are beautiful. I wish I knew how to do color splashes.

    And congrats on this award and thanks for sharing with me.

    I hate ironing too and glad I met the dryer.

    I love what you do with hubs. Dh and I should do something like this too.

    LOL - I totally didn't fall for the astrology thing.

    I'm off to visit your other awardees :)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Wow, thanks so much! Both for the recognition and the kind compliments! Have a great day!

  9. You are just the SWEETEST!!! Thank you so much for the award.....and the beautiful comment!! Now I am the one that is going to cry.......

    Hope you are having a fabulous weekend~



    PS....I am not sure if you knew this, but my husband is a twin:)

  10. Thank you so much!!! I appreciate the kind words. I'll do this back to 10 more tomorrow!



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